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Trodat MaxLight XL-55 S-Style

Trodat MaxLight XL-55 S-Style

Trodat MaxLight XL-55 S-Style

Price:   $ 38.17

SKU(s): XL2-55, XL2-55


Features built-in, pre-inked ink cartridge • Delivers thousands of crisp, clear impressions • Can be easily re-inked for many more impressions

Imprint area 3/16" x 2-1/2"

The MaxLight pre-inked stamp from Trodat provides FOUR TIMES the impressions of a self-inking stamp before it needs to be re-inked and will last hundreds of thousands of impressions. Durable, quiet and clean, the MaxLight from Trodat is the clear choice for pre-inked users around the world. • Clean and simple re-inking process • Dust cover to keep the stamp clean in the messiest of environments • Low-emissions manufacturing process with no added chemicals • Available in 20 sizes and 5 different ink colors.

Imprint area 3/16" x 2 1/2"